Here’s My Blog…

Hello, or rather, hello again, blogosphere. So, this is my third take at a blog, and hope it proves to be a case of you-know-which-time lucky. Actually, only my first blog was a blog in the true sense. (The second was my ad portfolio online.) It existed for a reason – for me to discuss Hindi films in my early days in far-removed-from-Bollywood Chennai (after shifting here from Bombay). But I guess I soon got tired of expressing myself on only one topic, and Chennai has also become more open-armed over the years. (As for the ad portfolio, it’s now in a cooler place, Kulzy. Actually, even this blog is on the cool WordPress – love WP for being so slick, now, and user-friendly, compared with the other service I was on earlier.)

So, hello again, blogosphere, with the newly born Irfinity. As the name suggests, and as the tagline spells out, Irfinity is about me blogging either on an infinite variety of topics, or more likely, to infinity on a certain range of topics – topics close to my heart, such as literature, arts (plays and movies), travelling, animal love and welfare (dogs, veganism, animal freedom), spirituality and philosophy (yoga, meditation, Buddhism), and of course, work-related stuff (advertising, branding, logos). Speaking of which, that in the header is my blog’s logo (also self-created). But more of that in the upcoming post.

Once again, (sp)here I am, blogosphere. And hopefully you will be too – reading, liking, commenting on, and sharing my posts. Await the (hopefully) irfinite interaction…

P.S. This isn’t the first post on my blog. There is a haiku I had put up earlier, but that time I was still setting up (read, playing around with) my blog.


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