Irfictionary: Meview

Dad bod. Kidcessory. Chicken wages. If you know the meaning of those words/phrases, you are either young or urban or both, or follow Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary, if you don’t know (which means you aren’t young or urban or both), curates and explains words or phrases that are a part of today’s lexicon (which, well, is a word of yesterday’s lexicon). Thus, you know a ‘dad bod’ is a guy with a belly that many women/girls actually find attractive; ‘kidcessory’ is the trend of especially celeb parents to give their (poor) child far-out names like Seven Heaven; and ‘chicken wages’ is salary earned by working at a fast-food joint, specially one that specialises in chicken, and which only allows you to eat like a chicken.

Inspired by Urban Dictionary, I have decided to give birth to my own version. To acknowledge the inspiration, I thought of calling it Irfun Dictionary – a combination of my name and ‘fun’, but realised it sounds exactly the way Americans and Australians pronounce my name: a portmanteau of ‘urchin’ and ‘orphan’. As I am neither, decided better. Am now – and this time inspired by own name for my blog – calling it, ta-da, Irfictionary. A melting pot of my name, ‘fiction’ (since it’s cooked up), and of course, ‘dictionary’.

And here’s the very first Irfictionary word…


A personal, subjective review of a movie, book, play, or any piece of work, art, or literature. This is different (and deliberately so) from a ‘review’, which is intended to be a non-biased, academic, true evaluation of the work. A meview is my, or one’s, very individualistic opinion (which is anyway what most ‘reviews’ are these days) of the creation and can suffer from any of the vices of bias, subjectivity, and whim. He, he. Now, you see why I needed to invent this word?


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