Irfictionary: Office-Themed

Continuing the Irfictionary series, the theme this time being ‘office’. (And what’s Irfictionary? For that, check out my previous post.)


Wondering if you should go to office or not. This is especially on a day like today (in Chennai), when it rained the previous night and it’s a blend of beautiful and dull, and you’d rather be out enjoying the cool weather than tracking a deadline, that too on the worst day of the working week (Wednesday). This also occurs on the day after Sunday and the day before Saturday, either of which potentially allows you to have a three-day weekend.


You succumb to your weak will and call/message/mail in with a fever/emergency/lie, that you will not come/go to office today.


Your guilt wages a strong battle against your gut, and you decide to take the middle path – you will work from home: your home is your office for today.

Whatever you choose to do, happy working/enjoying!


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