Dog Days

On my morning walk yesterday,
Came across a pretty big house,
Where a chained, adult Labrador lay,
Looking, and feeling, like a mouse.

Feeling his pain, called his attention
At which, the big, gentle soul turned to me
And, despite his detention,
Began wagging, jumping, and barking with glee.

Hearing the doggie’s sounds, thinking something wrong,
A middle-aged gentleman emerged outside,
And tentative, asked me not before long,
“May I help you?”, while looking around me and beside.

I introduced first myself and then myself as a dog-lover,
After which, we chatted about several things canine,
From hand-sniffing, paw-offering, rolling over,
To patting, petting, face-licking, and such things divine.

He – Mahesh – gradually let me in through the gate
And I did many of the above-mentioned with him – Bruno,
Before finally asking, and none too late,
“Why do you keep him chained? He looks so bored, so…”

At once, Mr Mahesh figured out my ploy,
And none-too-subtly, indicated me to be gone,
Adding – even as Bruno kept jumping with joy –
“None of your business, it’s not your dog, but my own.”

Having lost another doggie-freedom battle,
I made my way back slowly, heavily,
And then – spotting a herd of tethered cattle –
Did so even more despondently, dejectedly.

But every day is a new day, a new chance;
So, this morning, I decided to pass by Bruno’s house once more.
And… Not seeing yet hearing him, my heart began to dance:
He is free and roaming around – on all four!

A few moments later though, my animal expertise kicks in;
Bruno’s sounds are coming from only one direction, I track…
My eyes turn to the location, and what do I see within?
Bruno is still chained up; only this time, not in the front, but at the back.


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