Irfictionary: Inspiration-Themed

Here’s another in the Irfictionary series, this time around the thing that most creative (advertising) people desire: no, not the Cannes Grand Prix, but inspiration. (And ‘Irfictionary’? Find out more about that in some of the below posts.)


In doing this, you’re either lazy or have hit all sorts of blocks (writer’s block, creative block, even a block of wood). Nothing’s giving. In desperation, you type a relevant keyword in the Google search bar and hit ‘Images’. You go through at least 10 pages and make sure you don’t select anything before page 6. (After all, nobody goes beyond page 3 of Google – unless they are ego surfing.) If still no luck, you refine your search with ‘Clip Art’. Yes, your inspiration is running that thin.


When the above fail, you go to Pinterest.


When even Pinterest can’t help you (that will be the day), you go to your machine and look through all your folders for anything you had discarded earlier or can recycle.


Both online and offline don’t work. So, you decide to make a beeline to your favourite bar/club. Nothing like high decibel and hormonal levels to get those right-brain cells going, eh?


And of course, mix the above with whatever is your poison.


But somehow today, even that high isn’t getting you creatively high. Or maybe you are a teetotaller, wallflower, or new-age spiritual. So, you go to a quiet corner and do some yoga, pranayam, meditation, or pilates.


You’ve tried all the above, and nothing’s yielding. That’s when you go back to the basics: What’s my audience? What do they like? What would connect with them? What would be fresh to them? What is true to the brand? What is right for the audience? And then it slowly oozes out… The winning idea.

Happy thinking! Happy creating!


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