Irfictionary: Entrepreneur-Themed

This time’s Irfictionary celebrates the flavour of the moment, entrepreneurs – looking at both stages (of becoming an entrepreneur) and types (of entrepreneurs), right down to a non-desirable one. (I know terms like ‘wantrepreneur’ and ‘borntrepreneur’ exist, so maybe I’m just extending the list. And Irfictionary? Find out more about it a bit down in the blog.)



You yearn to be an entrepreneur. Because you’re bored of the rat race. Because you’re fed up of how little you are earning or how little difference you are making. Because you believe you have the next big idea after online retail sites. Because the next-door neighbour is an entrepreneur. (Yes, the era of comparing sons to doctors, engineers, and MBAs is as old as, um, the word ‘era’. Now, everyone – your dad, your wife/girlfriend, your buddy – is weighing you against them entrepreneurs.)


The incubation stage.

Ontrepreneur / Gonetrepreneur / Dawntrepreneur

The incubation stage is over, and you are ready to go to the market. Your entrepreneurship is on. You have gone entrepreneur. It’s the dawn of your enterprise. Take your pick.


You skip the incubation stage (your idea is that cool or you are in such a hurry) and go instantly/directly to the entrepreneur stage. Appropriate in an age of instant updates, instant feedback, instant food… (Er, perhaps not the last one.)


Everyone fawns over you. “Oh, wow, you are an entrepreneur? That’s cool.” “You run a start-up. Sweet. By the way, I have an idea too…”


Your start-up takes off, and any of the following follows. A biggie wants to buy you. An investor wants to flush you with the greens. You decide to expand. In all cases, you’ve won/arrived as an entrepreneur. Congrapreneur! Huh? Congrats, entrepreneur!


Johntrepreneur / Gentrepreneur

An all-guy start-up.


An all-woman start-up or one aimed at women, such as Zivame. (How come I didn’t define the earlier one too the same way? Simple; I haven’t come across any start-ups aimed exclusively at guys.)

Jeunetrepreneur / Youngtrepreneur

A start-up by a young (‘jeune’ in French) guy/girl/team. This seems to be the flavour within the flavour of the moment. The youngest bar keeps getting higher (lower?), much like the frequency with which Usain Bolt keeps breaking the 100m record. Or the regularity with which the authorities keep detecting adulteration these days in processed foods. (Ok, enough with the processed foods’ examples. Or heck, maybe some entrepreneur should take up this idea. Healthy foods / Healthy processed foods… Healthapreneurs, anyone?)

Sontrapreneur / Sciontapreneur

You are the son – ok, scion, to be more inclusive – of an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur yourself. This could be because the family business isn’t what it used to be and you want to take it in a different/new direction. Or you want to break free and do something yourself. Without papa’s money – if you have that much daring. Or ego.


Another term for serial entrepreneur. Start. Succeed. Sell / Shelve. Repeat. Yeah, you’re constantly in that mode.


You’ve tried your hand at entrepreneurship, and due to various reasons/circumstances, decide it’s not for you – maybe for now. You go back to a job, or in the case of the scion, to papa’s business, and bide your time until your next big idea, and thus, your return. Better luck next time.


You thought over it, and eventually decided entrepreneurship is not for you. Too risky. Too many headaches. Too many mouths to feed. Or you tried it once, and now decide, never again. No worries. Everyone doesn’t have to want – or be – the same thing.

And this one with caution…


My friend was telling me the other day how he’d never again order from this online (conline?) shopping giant here, but rather from the worldwide giant that now also e-tails in India. Reason? They buy rejects for cheap, fix them, and then sell them for new at, oh, of course, crash-low prices. As that solid movie about entrepreneurs, Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year, so aptly put it, It takes at least 2-3 years to establish your start-up… unless you’re doing something wrong.


What stage are you in? What type are you? Either way, all the best!


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