Irfysio: Prep Asana

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m presently undergoing physiotherapy for a couple of chronic injuries (shoulder and heel). It’s been a month and a half, and I have recovered upto 75%. Now, the good doctor is pushing himself for the final 25%, which is often the toughest part. (It’s like climbing Everest. You first have a slow start, then make good progress, but the last stretch – the near-vertical climb – is the toughest and patience-testing slowest.) However, he’s confident of going the last mile, and as he has told me to “leave his burdens to him”, I am too. And almost as an incentive to him to help me reach the finish line, I told him a few days back, “I’m an ad guy, and as you’ve seen, I like talking. If you help me recover 100%, trust you me, I’m going to tell the world.” Adding for effect, “I am (in)famous for that.”

So, is this series for that? Well, maybe not just yet – as my treatment isn’t complete just yet. What then? Well, I did say I like talking (read, expressing), and he does too, and we have some pretty interesting conversations in the almost hour-long session that I go for thrice a week (earlier, six days a week). So, that 10/10 in the logo up there is also for the quality of and fun in the conversations and observations we have, and not just for the treatment efficacy.

And pray, what are these conversations and observations? The new logo for his clinic, the social media updates for his clinic (told you, I am an ad guy), the networking he does through Business Network International (BNI), his following of Infinitheism and why (for growth – in various spheres), my following of Buddhism, why he chose that particular location and building for his clinic (and my hypothesis for it), why he shouldn’t have killed those lizards in his house through pest control but rather have just driven them away, how they will now come back as bad spirits to haunt him and his wife… Told ja, we don’t just say, “Now, keep your legs apart, place your hands on the bar, slowly go down, do this 15 times…

So, what’s the first Irfysio about?

As I mentioned in my earlier post too, I have had to make radical changes to my exercise regime due to my treatment: no running but walking, walking on even surfaces, adding non-heel-intensive activities (such as cycling and swimming) to my regime, and considering taking up yoga.

Ah, yoga. I’ve gone for two yoga (trial) classes, and wanting to get his inputs too, shared my reactions (more physiological) with him. Hearing my exasperating tribulations both times, he finally came up with, “Hmm, this gives me an idea. Maybe we (the clinic) can extend our services to yoga studios – offering to prepare people for yoga so that the studio doesn’t lose out on potential members who find yoga/the initial days tough…

Great marketing idea. [Hey, maybe that’s why we connect pretty well (heck, I’ve even sent him a friend request on FB): He, a marketer; me, an advertiser.]

Neat, doc. Now, can I get my 15% commission for laying the ground for that idea?

PS: The good doc’s name? Dr M Badrinath

Dr M Badrinaty, Physiotherapist

You can find his clinic here:

And you can look up my mail ID in my Contact menu for my referral commission.


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