Irfictionary: Vegan-Themed

This time’s Irfictionary looks at a slowly but surely growing breed. Vegans. (Self included, of course.) Specifically, it looks at the vegan foodie’s journey. (Hey, is it possible to be vegan and foodie? Hey, that’s what I’m here for.) BTW, what’s Irfictionary? Find out earlier on my blog. And what’s vegan? Oh, then, this isn’t for you.

Vegan in dictionary


The vegan foodie. Who says vegans can’t be foodies and vice versa? I mean, I can feed all summer day on soy veg biryani and Paper Boat’s Aam Panna.


What any good/diligent vegan looks at on a pack/menu: whether the food/dish contains all-vegan ingredients. No-nos to milk, cream, cheese, butter, ghee, curd/yoghurt (basically, the entire overworked dairy family); honey (slogging bees); and not-so obvious stuff like milk solids (actually, kinda obvious), gelatine (from animal bones), and beef lecithin (earlier in many foreign chocolates, now replaced with soy). Whew. (Whewgan?)


How a vegan feels on finding something on a shelf/menu that is all-vegan. According to me, in India, at the most only 10% of all food items on a supermarket display or on an eatery menu are vegan. That’s equal to the supposed percentage of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people in the entire population. There you have it: it’s as tough being vegan as it’s being gay. Maybe we should have a pride march too. Along with our beloved animal friends, of course. Wait, I’ll go inform all the 41 street dogs, 5 pigeons, and one cat I’m friendly with/nice to near my house.


What most vegan food proves to be: organic. (Conversely, what most organic food proves to be: vegan.) See the health benefits of being vegan?


What the voodie feels his/her meal/dish is: epic. (Of course, as far as vegan food goes.)


And therefore, what every self-respecting, social-media-savvy voodie must do now: vinstagram it.

Happy veganing, folk! Say the animals too.


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