Irfysio: Can’t Resist

“Do you have this in any other colour?”

When purchasing something, be it smartphones or scooters, we just can’t resist asking that question at the end, can we? We have done all else – surveyed the features, scanned the price-points, and even siphoned down to the brand/model. But it’s as if the decision to move to the payment counter hinges on whether the sales executive (SE) can magically manufacture that colour in front of you. (In Asian Paints’s Colour World, maybe.) In most cases though, they tell you about a cousin of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get): WYSAATCWE (what you see are all the colours we have). Since you’ve reached so far, and because the colour isn’t such a deal-breaker after all (but only some sort of ego-satisfier that we’ve asked all the necessary questions), we give the final verdict with a flourish: “I’ll take it.”

This practice works everywhere… except when you go to buy a resistance band. This is a band made of latex you hold between/with your hands/legs to strengthen your hand, shoulder, and back muscles (as needed). This you typically use when undergoing physiotherapy for problems related to the hand, which I did recently. (Though I’ve come to know some people also use it for the legs).ResistanceBandAt the end of my treatment, my physiotherapist gave me a band for continuing the exercises at home so as not to relapse.


Now, I like having a spare for most things: if one goes bust, I always have a back-up. So, I went looking for a second band at the nearby sports shop. The SE showed me three brands. I didn’t want the same brand – I also like variety – so I decided to go for a different one. After testing it for resistance, I automatically went: “Do you have this in…” Happy to oblige, she went hunting through the shelf, just when realisation hit me, and I fast-forwarded to the final flourish: “I’ll take it.”

What gives? In case you didn’t know, in resistance bands, the different colours are for different levels of resistance. It varies according to the brand, but in mine, red is for minimum, green for medium, and blue for maximum.

Levels of resistance in resistance bands

Levels of resistance in resistance bands

So, you don’t want to go for a different colour just because it goes with your tracks and then blow the colour off your face. Here, it will have to be just what the doctor ordered.

To find out more about what this doctor and his team orders, check out their site:


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