IrfindingVegan: Vicco, My Chico

It must be love.

The object of my affection originates from my favourite holiday city of the world, Goa; works out of my birth place, Nagpur; is vegan; and is looking quite cool after a recent makeover.

It must be true love.

I’m, sigh, talking of Vicco Shaving Cream (or specifically, Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base). Just recently got to know (duh, the pack) that this brand that I love because it’s vegan and smells and works quite nice has its factory in Goa (Panjim, the capital city) and its corporate office (and thus, customer care centre) in Nagpur. Specifically, Ramdaspeth – the exact area in which I was born and used to live as a kid.

Close-up of 'Vegan' text on Vicco packClose-up of factory and corporate offices' text on Vicco pack

And love the new look too. Gone is the pic of the Chairman, Sanjiv Pendharkar (the grandson of the founder, the late V. K. Pendharkar). Instead, you have a more contemporary-looking pack that retains the natural-elements’ feel.

Old and new packs of Vicco

There’s now a bigger reason to look forward to my upcoming Goa trip. Will meet up with V. Hopefully, V will reciprocate too. If all goes well, V, no, we will go to Nagpur to meet the parents. I’m hoping for a December wedding… in Goa.

Now, the only thing. Is Vicco a girl or a guy? Shh, don’t answer that.


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