Small Hero, Big Joys

I absolutely enjoyed Ant-Man. But this isn’t a review of the movie, or even a meview. Rather, some thoughts on it – as diverse as special effects, spirituality, and animal love.

Shh, they’re fighting

A superhero movie means a lot of whoosh-bam-thud-repeat. And when it’s a multi-superhero flick like Avengers: Age of Ultron, you need insurance for your ears. So, when the loudest sound effect and the largest thing crashing in Ant-Man is Thomas the Tank Engine toppling to the ground – from the table – it’s refreshing.

Thomas the Tank Engine in Ant-Man

The film-makers seemed to want to poke fun at other superhero movies, and perhaps themselves, when they came up with this in the screenplay. The audience gets it too, and lets out some spirited laughs. Muted, of course.

Meditate on this. (Or don’t.)

There’s a scene in which the baddie, Darren Cross, beginning to sense his co-board member, and ex-mentor, Dr Hank Pym’s daughter, Hope, is not entirely aligned with him, tells her something to the effect – don’t recall the exact words – that “In today’s meditation, I wished you would see the light.” Something that’s totally unaligned with the purpose of meditation, whether you do it in the West, East, or over the Victoria Falls.

Ant-Man's baddie, Darren Cross

Meditation is about yourself, about gaining an understanding, an insight, into yourself, your ways of thinking, things that beleaguer you; not about thinking of and wishing anything for anyone else. (At the end of meditation though, it helps to think good thoughts for others, but that’s more to pass on the good vibes to others than to keep it for yourself.) Guess Cross needed to see the light himself.

The giants in the ants

If in the Avengers’s movies, all the world’s multi-talented spandex- and iron-clad men and women get together against one common enemy, it’s the same here. Except they don’t wear anything and aren’t men, women, or trans. Ant-Man, aided by Doctor and Daughter Pym, commands an army of multi-breed ants, all with their own special talents.

Ant-Man leading the ant army

There are the ones capable of conducting electric currents (or some such; my mind was buzzing with the ant histrionics and animatronics) who gang up to bust Cross’s security system, these others who group to form ant bridges, those others with piranha-type bites (for their size), and the flying ones. Goes to show all creatures, big or small, have their place on Earth, and it’s not for us to decide whose power is worthy or not, and thus who should remain or not. End of sermon.

And one more…

I thought I was done with my likes for the movie, when my thoughts turned to Ant-Man himself.

Paul Rudd on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Paul Rudd seems the quintessential nice guy / bloke, and has pretty much played that role in the movies (Phoebe’s beau/husband in Friends S10 and the object of Jennifer Aniston’s affection in The Object of My Affection). He’s also been on the fringes of Hollywood for forever. And now hit, well, big time. (If you’ve sat right till the end – I mean the very end, until the various association logos come on – you know that there’s going to be more Ant-Man movies and he may not be alone. AntVENGERS?) So, Paul Rudd’s made it at… 46. Inspiration enough for anyone thinking there’s an age-limit for people to “make it”. Big-time inspiration, need I add.


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