From Karma to Dharma

If we explain away

Clubbing fur seals,

Skinning ermines,

Harpooning blubber whales,

Trophy-hunting African animals,

Trading rhino horn, elephant ivory, tiger penises,

And closer home –

Eating “domestic” animals,

Milking cows through drugs to disease,

Performing safety tests on rabbits,

Whipping ox/bullock/horse on ploughs,

Stripping sheep of wool,

And even the less obvious,

Chaining pet and “guard” dogs,

Caging “pet” birds,

Keeping and needling animals in zoos,

Making them perform in circuses,

Fishing, angling, whatever,

By saying, “It’s their bad karma they were (re)born as animals”,

Then, imagine

The horrors that await us

In our rebirths.


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