Here’s what I’m feeling like this minute…

Now, check out (and like) my new look…

See where I’m partying right now – with good friends…

And oh, here’s which page I’m on in which book…

Now, here’s me, ta-da, heading on a holiday – to Greece…

Have reached – and here are some pix I took…

Am now back in my native after a loooooooooong time…

Enjoying Mom’s dishes… See them… Ah, there’s no better cook…


So, while your friends are living it up,

You’re stuck in some hole-in-the-wall in some nook,

Moping over the rockin’ lives they lead,

While yours dazzles as much as that of a rook.

But before you go posting that status update –

Feeling depressed (along with bluish, sad smiley) – on Facebook…

Remember: there’s a reason that social network has ‘Face’ in its name,

Instead of being called something like ‘Soulbook’.


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