Man/Animal Con-flict

Man on plains. Animal in jungle. No conflict.

Human population grows, due to nature of man. Animal population in check, due to laws of nature. Hint of conflict.

Human population grows further, encroaching animal habitat. Animal population reduces, due to receding habitat. Conflict sparks.

Human population keeps expanding, taking over more of animal habitat. Animal population, habitat, and food reduce, due to rapidly-reducing habitat. Conflict ignites.

Human population continues booming, going deep into animal habitat. Animal population, nowhere to go, lesser to eat, begins “encroaching” on “human habitat”. Conflict in heat.

Human population, growing exponentially, threatened by “influx” of animal population, begins culling animals. Conflict tipping toward humans.

Human population, expanded beyond control, kills all animals, takes over all habitat. End of conflict.

Human population fills every inch of earth. Man, angered, exasperated, frustrated, begins culling “lesser” man. Beginning of new conflict.

Leopards trapped and relocated from Bombay/Mumbai apartment complexes… Elephants run over by trains… Street dogs that are allegedly biting humans being culled in Kerala… Alligators that enter Florida pools being “removed”… Reports of the “human-animal conflict” keep growing, and the authorities seem to think the only solution is to remove the animals.

Indian villagers holding a culled leopard


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