‘X Meets Y’: Boy Meets Girl


Meets girl,

Meets head-rush,

Meets crush,

Meets up,

Meets up again,

Meets dating,

Meets love-making,

Meets love,

Meets steady,

Meets relationship,

Meets diamond,

Meets ‘Yes’,

Meets getaway celebration,

Meets ex accidentally on the way,

Meets with ‘Congrats’,

Meets Yes’s jealousy,

Meets suspicion,

Meets effed-up getaway celebration,

Meets cold shoulder,

Meets frozen looks,

Meets icy behaviour,

Meets show-down,

Meets rage-storm,

Meets storm-out,

Meets curt call,

Meets break-up,

Meets misery,

Meets frustration,

Meets bar,

Meets drink,

Meets new girl…

This started off in my head as one post – this one – but gradually evolved to the thought of a series, the popular trope of ‘X meets Y’. Started fooling around with it, and the results will follow. This can be any ‘X’ meets any ‘Y’, and maybe topical, though I think always with some “salt” in the ending; think these would work better that way. (And so have categorised under… ‘Salty Tales’/‘Salty Series’.) Await them. And feel free to form some of your own…

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