The Subject of the Attack

Last night, I watched a programme on the victim/survivor of an acid attack. I came to realise that most victims/survivors are college students, being at the receiving end of a jilted lover unable to deal with the rejection of his (typically) first love. This gave me the thought of using the device of subject(s) to make the below point(s)…

You used chemistry

To ruin my geography,

Because somewhere,

You hate my biology.


But I will use philosophy,

And my inner psychology,

(And perhaps even a bit of poetry,)

To deal with my scarred history –

And newly-uncoordinated geometry.


I might become a company secretary,

Or even just an office secretary –

If I can’t fight my astrology.


But for you,

I would suggest psychiatry,

Or even more,

A lifetime course

In humanity.


3 thoughts on “The Subject of the Attack

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