‘X Meets Y’: Boy Meets Dog


Meets dog,

Meets “Psst”,

Meets dog’s attention,

Meets dog’s nose with hand,

Meets eager sniffing,

Meets tail-wagging,

Meets hand-licking,

Meets face-smothering,

Meets eager jumping,

Meets dog regularly – with food, water, love,

Meets surrounding observant dogs,

Meets overjoyed dogs daily,

Meets attention of co-residents,

Meets frowns,

Meets concerns of safety,

Meets gathered co-residents one day,

Meets with strong statements,

Meets courage to say, “You can’t stop me”,

Meets anger, protest, threats,

Yet meets dogs daily,

And meets scorn daily;

Then, doesn’t meet dogs one day, then two days, then a week,

Meets concern,

Meets furious search,

Then, meets one carcass, then two, then seven,

Meets horror, despair, agony,

Meets vet,

Meets analysis,

Meets report,

Meets report with horror, despair, agony: ‘Poisoning’,

Meets pleased co-residents,

Meets apartment broker…

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