ALPHABEaT: Here’s Introducing…

Pair of bulls on an Indian field, with their mouths muzzled

26 ways in which humans are cruel to animals, huh? Actually, there are infinitely more, but if we had to profile all of them, we’d need to extend to another language. Plus, even talking of 25 more ways in which we are subjugating toward our fellow sentient beings than the only one we focus on – killing – is a lot. Yes, saving a cow from slaughter (a raging debate in India last year) but milking her till she can lactate no more is equally, and in fact, more cruel. Just as putting a rope through a bull’s nose and a wooden beam on his neck and making him till the soil in the heat with little or no rest, is too. As is keeping him tethered when he’s not slaving in the field. Or keeping a dog chained in the lawn of your house. Or caging a bird. Or… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Parrot in a cage near a roadside astrologerSo, 26 posts that will talk about a form of cruelty each that we inflict on our fellow furry beings. And maybe more – if I decide to repeat some letters (for as I already mentioned, our cruelty knows not the limits of the alphabet). And it may not always be ‘P for parrot’ (roadside astrologers in India keep parrots in miniscule box-cages, after clipping off their wings so that they can’t fly, to have them pull out tarot cards for people; seriously), but perhaps ‘P for pet’ (yes, the “loving act” of having a cat or dog at home has a lot of leading, and even, built-in cruelty). Come, open your books, and heart, and learn the ALPHABEaT.

About the name…

Apart from the ‘beat’, there is also the additional layer of ‘alpha’ – of how humans think they are the alpha species/animals, born/meant to dominate over all others.

About the logo…

The all-caps text and maroon colour of ‘ALPHABET’ are meant to indicate the presumed dominance of humans over other living/sentient beings. The lowercase ‘a’ that forms ‘ALPHABEaT’ depicts the size/stature of living/sentient beings in the eyes of humans, and the white colour their innocence. The smear of red obviously indicates all the cruelties we so generously dish out to them.

Logo for ALPHABEaT, the series about 'the A to Z of animal cruelty' on my blog

The tan background indicates the generalized/symbolized colour of both humans and animals, meaning that somewhere we are both of the same grain. The criss-crossing lines indicate two things. One, humans and animals’ paths are meant to intersect (we were meant to be on this planet together) and how we should respect that (animals do, but humans don’t). Two, the lines represent graphic crosses of sorts (that standing for ‘don’t’, not that for the trinity), indicating what we ought not to do to/with animals. Ah, but who’s listening? But maybe that’s why there’s this series.

Await the first letter then…


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