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The new (actually, not-so-new) TVC shows a desirable man “still looking” for his better half. It might have the guy speaking, but it’s actually speaking to the girl, as a target audience (TA).

Similarly, the TVC that came sometime back had girls speaking – about what they were looking for in their guy as well as sharing their own attitudes – but they too were talking to the girl, as a TA.

No surprise actually that the matrimonial sites are talking to the girl. Only the girls seem to be looking. While the guys seem to be busy playing to their stereotypes: commitment-phobic, not looking, interested only in LTRs (light-term relationships) and not LTRs (long-term relationships).

Any wonder then that if TVCs themselves are something to go by (Fastrack from 2013 and Anouk by Myntra from last year), women are turning to themselves?


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