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I am not hot about either marriage or moppets, and so am “still single”. But as my inner circle (and now blog circle) knows, I am also very romantic. So, they have asked me, “Well, then, do you plan to live in?” However, I also like my space; have lived by myself for 10 years; have largely loved being so; have largely loathed the recent three years I’ve been staying with my parents (also because I now WFH) and so am looking forward to getting my own place again very soon; am in my early 40s, and the older you get and the longer you stay single, I guess you get set in your ways. So, what’s my response to their query?

Well, the romantic, own-space-loving me is also very individualistic / unconventional. (Surprise, surprise.) So, the way I’d like it is that my partner have their space (with or without family), I have my space (soon, without family), and we get a separate space: to meet up when we want to, to be on our own (in our own space, or in this mid-space without the other) when we don’t want to be with each other. So, a ‘live-in-between’?

One of my friends marvelled at my ingenuity. Only one. Guess that explains why I’m “still single”.


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