If your partner and you are both the same height, isn’t that a cool thing? You would look into each other’s eyes without one lowering and the other raising their vision. You would smooch without stooping or raising yourself, as the case may be. Of course, you would still need to tilt your head. Perhaps best of all, you could theoretically make out standing too, without one bending or the other stretching.

The benefits go on. She wouldn’t buy heels, for neither may want her to look taller than you. If a queer couple, and with their famed fanaticism with fitness, you could possibly wear the same clothes, or each others’, and the latter also becomes a romantic / sensual / erotic thing to do.

One wouldn’t need to ask the other to hang something higher up. Why, everything at home would be hung at the same reachable level.

There might be fewer bed linen and space wars. If you all are having trouble with either, you know you two aren’t to blame; maybe the linen, or even the entire bed, needs to go.

The only time you may have a problem is when one of you is walking ahead, blocking the other’s sight. But when you are equal in so many ways, wouldn’t you be walking side by side?


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