Where will the money for the broken roof come from?

The son had to go and fight at his work-place and be out of a job right now.

She’s been coughing blood. And I can only look away so many times.

Why don’t they ever build a foot-over bridge there? One day, I will die while crossing these tracks…

Through the tear in my uniform, you can also see the tear in my vest.

What really does a watchman think all day, at least those eight hours of duty, sitting in one place, at the most walking around a bit, but never too far from his chair, like a dog chained to a stake?

Or does he just go…

One day, for one minute, can someone call me by my name and not “Watchman…” And address me as “Aap” and not “Tum”. Until then, there are these paver designs to admire.


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