Ready to Single | Super-sheet

‘Can a grown man like superheroes? Can a grown middle-aged man like superheroes?’ He started thinking as he pulled out the Batman bed-sheet from its plastic cover and held out the unfurled sheet in front of him. Batman looked smaller than him. Even with his pointed cowl. The sheet was for kids after all.

‘Sure, a grown middle-aged man who could well have grown-up kids of his own can still like superheroes.’ He continued pondering as he held out Superman next. ‘Especially if he had liked them in childhood… like every child. But didn’t have the means to buy even one single superhero toy, one single superhero poster, one single superhero video-cassette… unlike most children.’ His parents didn’t have the means. Rather, his parents preferred the basic means. They would much rather have fed him to look like a superhero than to feed his superhero fantasies. But somewhere, those fantasies, that wish fulfillment had remained.

Ironman whooshed out next. Salesman appeared soon after, peeved with all the sheets he’d have to refold to make them look fresh-piece-chaahiye. Middleageman fought Salesman away with, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely buy one…” Salesman wasn’t convinced, but he was too bored to argue, or to keep up pretences. And went back to his desk and smartphone soon enough. Well, this superhero-supervillain fight certainly didn’t last long.

He decided on Superman. Something about the bright blue and red. Batman was too dark, and you could never see his face. Ironman was too metal and hard, and no face there either. He did check out Wonder Woman, but the skin-show could have him hotting up just before hitting the bed. You don’t want that when you are sleeping less than five hours a night… by yourself… for as long as you can remember now. There had hardly been any decent women on the horizon earlier. None that he could have rescued and flown into the stratosphere with. Or any wonder women who could have rescued him. They were even fewer now. When people are getting divorced the second time these days, where did that leave any women for him?

And so the bed-sheet. It would at least give him the feeling that he was sleeping with someone around him. Well, what do you know, superheroes are saviours indeed.

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