A man cycling on a path through fields with transmission towers in the background against a reddish-orange sky

Sing Me a Sunset

Sleeper, non-AC. Window seat, in the direction the train is going. About 5.30 in the evening.

The sun is slowly moving behind the trees and the hills, washing the sky pink and orange as it retreats. Cowherds are making their way back with their cattle. Birds are doing the same, just with a bit more intensity. Intermittent vehicles slowly put on their lights. Other vehicles honk sporadically in the distance. The mild breeze is welcome. You run your hand through your hair and find yourself sighing softly. You are closer to your destination, and yet some distance to go. The birds, cows, cowherds, vehicles, drivers know this day over, but the next is not too far away. There is a sense of satisfaction in the air, as well as a mild disquiet.

A B&W photo of Hemant Kumar with his chin resting on his palmHemant Kumar’s voice is something like this – a bit of sweet sorrow. It’s like he had swallowed a sunset, or better still, all the sights, sounds and scenes of sunset. And just like at sunset, you feel immensely fulfilled on hearing him, and yet yearning for more.