Discovered by Guru Dutt, Obscured by the Book Cover

I’ve written a lot about Guru Dutt on this blog. Here, I write about him on my branding blog. 🙂

Brand Me Deep


Ten Years with Guru Dutt: Abrar Alvi’s Journey, as the title states, chronicles Guru Dutt’s friend and collaborator, Alvi’s decade-long association with Dutt, from the time they got acquainted with each other during the making of Dutt’s Baaz (1953) to Dutt’s unfortunately early demise at the age of 39 in 1964.

A B&W studio photo of journalist-writer, Sathya SaranThe book is by journalist-writer and long-time editor of Femina, Sathya Saran, who has written a few other books too, non-fiction as well as fiction. I had the opportunity to watch her in a session at the recent Times Litfest.


I am a huge admirer (not fan, or rather, not just fan) of Dutt, and refer to him simply by his initials, GD. (‘Admirer’ because I like him as much as a person as a filmmaker.) I have written lots about his movies and him on my writing blog, Irfinity, and also once for thREAD

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Why This Logo

How I developed the logo for my new branding blog.

Brand Me Deep

Sometimes, the brand name can direct you toward its logo.

My logo as an ad consultant and writer, the icon looking like a big blue XA name like Brand Me Deep, sounding like Colour Me Deep, seemed to suggest the logo should have shades of one colour, with ‘Deep’ being the deepest. The choice of colour was obvious: blue. Both because of the association of deep with the depths of water and because it’s in my advertising logo (where, as I wrote yesterday, the thought of ‘deep’ comes from).

I even started seeing the logo. It would be horizontal, with Brand-Me-Deep in increasingly deeper shades of blue. The words could even be written together, with no spacing, like this: BrandMeDeep. The shades would take care of the readability.

Once I started working on it though, it wasn’t working. The brand name was rather long to look good in a horizontal logo. So, I thought of writing the words one below the other, even stacking them…

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Why This Blog

I have started off a new blog, on my great love for branding. Here’s the intro post.

Brand Me Deep

I love branding. And I love talking about it. Thoughts, comments, opinions, what could be better, whether it is on brand – and how much… I have been doing this on social media for a while now. Now, decided to do it via a blog. So, this.

And no, am not a designer. Just a copy guy with a great love for, and some knowledge of, visual / graphic design, and even more, about branding. Yes, love it deep. And through this blog, invite you to do the same. Come, brand yourself deep.

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Why This (Brand) Name?

As I wrote earlier, I have started off this new blog, on my great love for branding. Here’s why / how I came up with this brand name.

Brand Me Deep

When I was thinking of a name for this blog, I was leaning toward one thing. The name should have ‘brand’ in it. I think I wanted the subject of the blog to be fairly clear, rather than with the intrigue I normally suggest for brand names. (More of intrigue some other time.)

I thought of puns, but once they were seeming forced (Brandish, BrandY, BrandO / BrandOh!), I began seeking a two-word name. Once that thought emerged, I felt the need for it to be around ‘authentic’. For I believe brands and branding should be so. I played around with stuff like BrandSoul / SoulBrand, BrandHeart, and TrueBrand / TruBrand / TrooBrand. I kept checking for availability as the names were popping. Almost all were taken.

Taking a breather, a literal one and a creative one, I rested my head for a while. And then, enlightenment descended.

My logo as an ad consultant and writer, the icon looking like a big blue XMy branding…

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A man cycling on a path through fields with transmission towers in the background against a reddish-orange sky

Sing Me a Sunset

Sleeper, non-AC. Window seat, in the direction the train is going. About 5.30 in the evening.

The sun is slowly moving behind the trees and the hills, washing the sky pink and orange as it retreats. Cowherds are making their way back with their cattle. Birds are doing the same, just with a bit more intensity. Intermittent vehicles slowly put on their lights. Other vehicles honk sporadically in the distance. The mild breeze is welcome. You run your hand through your hair and find yourself sighing softly. You are closer to your destination, and yet some distance to go. The birds, cows, cowherds, vehicles, drivers know this day over, but the next is not too far away. There is a sense of satisfaction in the air, as well as a mild disquiet.

A B&W photo of Hemant Kumar with his chin resting on his palmHemant Kumar’s voice is something like this – a bit of sweet sorrow. It’s like he had swallowed a sunset, or better still, all the sights, sounds and scenes of sunset. And just like at sunset, you feel immensely fulfilled on hearing him, and yet yearning for more.