Created composite cover pic for this post, with a bored-looking man sleeping in the top image and a bored-looking chained dog in the bottom image, with the post title on the left

Irfanimals | Down for a Day

Irfanimals LogoYesterday,

I felt like a chained dog

For a day,

For the power was gone

All day,

And there on the bed,

And sometimes on the floor,

With my chin down,

I just lay and lay and lay.

A screenshot of Google's doodle for the year, featuring chirping birds

Irfanimals: New Year Tweetings

Irfanimals Logo‘Happy New Year’?

The birds could less care,

They chirped brightly this morning as ever,

Celebrating the start of another ‘Happy New Day!’

Graphic of dog peeing with its right hind leg lifted

Piss and Sequel

In ‘Piss and Tell‘, I expressed my exasperation at the futility of talking about dog cruelty to someone who doesn’t even know the gender of the puppy. So, I thought I should begin with educating them. Here then is the sequel…

When it comes to a puppy,

Telling a he

From a she

Is quite simple, you see.

When it goes to pee,

Follow it, you’ll see –

Lifts leg? He.

Squats? She.


And if you want to confirm doubly,

Lift it, look closely,

You’ll see –

Tiny wee below? He.

Two ’oles behind? She.


And if all this is making you go, “Shee!”

Hey, you’re the dog dummy, not me.