Created composite cover pic for this post, with a bored-looking man sleeping in the top image and a bored-looking chained dog in the bottom image, with the post title on the left

Irfanimals | Down for a Day

Irfanimals LogoYesterday,

I felt like a chained dog

For a day,

For the power was gone

All day,

And there on the bed,

And sometimes on the floor,

With my chin down,

I just lay and lay and lay.

Graphic of dog peeing with its right hind leg lifted

Piss and Sequel

In ‘Piss and Tell‘, I expressed my exasperation at the futility of talking about dog cruelty to someone who doesn’t even know the gender of the puppy. So, I thought I should begin with educating them. Here then is the sequel…

When it comes to a puppy,

Telling a he

From a she

Is quite simple, you see.

When it goes to pee,

Follow it, you’ll see –

Lifts leg? He.

Squats? She.


And if you want to confirm doubly,

Lift it, look closely,

You’ll see –

Tiny wee below? He.

Two ’oles behind? She.


And if all this is making you go, “Shee!”

Hey, you’re the dog dummy, not me.