A boy-meets-boy toilet sign

‘X Meets Y’: Boy Meets Boy


Meets boy,

Meets attraction,

Meets action,

Meets infatuation,

Meets second time,

Meets third time,

Meets liking,

Meets crush,

Meets dating,

Meets love,

Meets relationship,

Meets idea of meeting family,

Meets parents,

Meets with shock, disgust, anger,

Meets thrashing,

Meets threats,

Meets crying pleas of mother,

Meets disowning cries by father,

Meets counsellor,

Meets psychologist,

Meets psychiatrist,

Meets medicines,

Meets godman,

Meets magical medicines,

Meets forced straight alliance,

Meets forced straight marriage,

Meets frustration, anguish, depression,

Meets suicide,

Meets frustration, anguish, depression –

By parents, girl, ex.

The second in the ‘X Meets Y’ series, aka ‘Salty Tales’/’Salty Series’. (Here’s the first: Boy Meets Girl.) And yes, I don’t intend them to end well.