A screenshot of Google's doodle for the year, featuring chirping birds

Irfanimals: New Year Tweetings

Irfanimals Logo‘Happy New Year’?

The birds could less care,

They chirped brightly this morning as ever,

Celebrating the start of another ‘Happy New Day!’

Two birds perched on a branch, looking in opposite directions

Bird Speak

If we could follow the language of the birds,

We would understand the meaning of their chirps,

And we’d know if those voices are of a duo or a trio,

Or just one birdie’s sound doing an echo.

Bird chirping on branch

The Chirp Code

Why do birds chirp in the morning?

Is it really, as we suppose, to herald the dawn?

Or could it be something else?

Maybe they’re saying Hi to their neighbours.

Maybe they’re declaring to all, near and far, that they are alive and fine.

And then uttering Thanks loudly to the Lord

for letting them see another day.

Perhaps they’re trying to wake up the sleepyheads.

Perhaps they’re goading the woken ones to go get the worm, or grain.

And then announcing, “Breakfast will be served at 7 am.”

You know, they could also just be tweeting… Morning selfie!

Or Facebooking… Like your plumage. Sharing that thought with everyone.

Or heck, could it be they’re simply clearing their throats?