An elderly Indian lady wearing a saree and reclining on a rocking chair

Fare Well

“Mom, once I go, I will miss your waddling walk… your dozing off during night prayers because you are so spent after a day’s work that starts at 5 am… your resting for half an hour in the afternoon with your glasses on for fear that if you sleep now you won’t be able to sleep on time at night…”

Farewells are so tough.


“Son, once you go, I will miss your holding my hand while I walk so that I waddle – and wobble – less… your waking me up from my dozing off during my night prayers, and breathing a sigh of relief that I was just dozing and not de… your pressing my feet during my afternoon rest, which relaxes me as much as my rest…”

But trust moms to make farewells easier.