B/W computer image of Lord Hanuman, popularly known as the Monkey God in India, due to his mythological origins

Which God?

Humans take their world-afflicted troubles to the gods,

Many of who have their origins in animals too.

So, for their human-inflicted miseries, which lords

Do the animals need to turn to?

Painting-like morning sky

The Artist and the Apprentice

God shows off His prowess as a painter,

By giving us the artistic morning sky.

And on days that things seem a little blander,

Guess it’s the work of His apprentice guy.

Bird perched on branch in early morning

Go(o)d Morning

The birds chirping in the trees

Is God’s alarm clock ringing.

The rays breaking through and illuminating the clouds

Is God updating his screensaver for the day.

The fresh, clean air

Is God lighting his incense sticks.

The morning is here.

It’s as good as ever.