Graphic of a big heart with a small figure applying an adhesive bandage to it

Of Heartbreak and Hope

Your heart.

Your broken heart.

You keep loving.

It keeps breaking.

Yet you keep loving.

Not because

you are foolhardy,

or a fool,

or hardy.

But because,

you hope.

That one day,

you will love,

and your heart

won’t be broken.

But rather,

it will be

made whole again.

A glass pane in the shape of a heart lying shattered against a red background

Heartbreak High

If you live with many others, your heartbreak has to happen in silence.

If you live with no one, your heartbreak is met with silence.

How do you get heartbreak tears to stop?

Tear out the eyes?

Or tear out the heart?

Some heartbreaks should be measured on the Richter Scale.

Close-up profile shot of a woman looking skyward in the rain

Seasons of Discontent

The rains are romantic, but they’re also perfect for when you’re having a heartbreak. Sense the tears welling? Just step out into the rains, and no one will know better. If they ask what you’re doing soaking yourself to the skin, just tell them you love the waterworks… from above.

Actually, summer’s good for a heartbreak too. If the melancholy begins showing on your face, just step out into the sharp heat. Your face will screw up so much, again, no one will say it’s because of the screwing-up inside.

Winter’s even better. Just stay put in bed, wrapping the quilt all over, so the depression doesn’t show. Ask for some hot soup or hot chocolate to be served in bed, if anyone’s so obliging. Else, just continue slobbing around in bed. Blame it all on the wretched cold.

That leaves spring. Ah, but spring’s for falling in love, right? Which makes perfect sense. Three measly months for love, and nine torturous ones for the after-effects of love. Mercifully, the year’s not any longer.

A woman's hands clutching tight a giant heart shape

The Heartbreak of the Matter

When you fall in love, who puts that love in there? You? The person you love? Or some force from above? Or, all three? Maybe that’s why, more often than not, your heart breaks. Because love might be in your heart. But loving is not in your hands.