Graphic of a big heart with a small figure applying an adhesive bandage to it

Of Heartbreak and Hope

Your heart.

Your broken heart.

You keep loving.

It keeps breaking.

Yet you keep loving.

Not because

you are foolhardy,

or a fool,

or hardy.

But because,

you hope.

That one day,

you will love,

and your heart

won’t be broken.

But rather,

it will be

made whole again.

Still from the Pyaasa song, Aaj sajan mohe ang laga lo

Love like No Other

Love is about understanding the other.

Love is about understanding the other’s thinking and emotions.

Love is about getting right to the heart of the other.

Love is about liking a beautiful soul.

Love is not about forcing yourself, or your love, on the other.

Love is not about wanting to make the other your own.

Or so I have understood from Pyaasa’s Gulaab.

A set of Matryoskha dolls


Your last love. The last person you love, not the last person you loved. Obviously, a few have come before this. So, do you see a little bit of each of them in this love? Or is it more like, each of the previous ones was giving you a glimpse of the one to come?

A figure of an old couple sitting on a park bench, with the man giving a peck on the woman's cheek

First and Last

If you are 18 or above, you have loved at least once. Before that, you’ve crushed at least once. And you know the difference, because a crush makes you heady, but love, it makes you hearty.

We never forget our first love, and though we typically never get our first love (we are usually too young then), we always remember it fondly. (We also never forget the first time we, you know, winky-winky, but that’s another matter…)

But what about our last love? Not the last time we had loved, but the last time we think we can love. Because after this, there seems there can be no more love. Not because we are in the depths of despairing, but because we have seen the heights of love. The bar now is raised so high, forget attempting it, no one can even eye it. So, while our first love we recall fondly, our last love we remember deeply. Because it’s filled us as deeply.