A rainbow-hued morning sky with the text 'Rainbow?' 'Sky' overlaid

Rainbow Sky

At dawn,

The sleepy sky

Breaks into a yawn,

Letting out a colour palette

From its palate –

Red, orange, pink of various hue

On top of those of the blue –

A time when

The rainbow in the sky

Is the very sky.

Pre-dawn sky today with a crescented moon and Venus close to each other

Jottings: Moon and Venus

Today’s morning sky – pre-dawn and daybreak – was like Shade Card meets Gradient Option. All ranges of colours, in all the transparencies (though not sure it would show in my modest-smartphone pix). But one visual that remained constant, as black gave way to light, was that of Moon and Venus (I’m guessing that’s her; she was the only star shining so bright) remaining so close to one another. The range of colours was, I guess, the other celestial bodies blushing at what Moon and Venus had been up to all night. After all, ‘Why were they so close to each other?’ And ‘Why are they still so close?’ But maybe, they were just seeking company, or even warmth, on a cold winter’s night. I guess we’ll know in nine months’ time.

A crescented moon and Venus close to each other in the daybreak sky

Moon and Venus still close to each other at daybreak…

Photo of gradient-like morning sky

The Morning After the Night Before

Here pink, where someone praised it,

There blue, where someone abrased* it,

Somewhere flaming, where someone dissed it,

Elsewhere red, where someone pissed it –

The morning sky tells us its tales of when it’s unlit,

The time during which we missed it.

* Yes, guilty of “creative” license with this “word”.

Image courtesy: hdwallpapers.im

A pink-hued morning sky

Bridal Sky

The pink blushes of the morning sky –

Like a bride doing her make-up,

And by the time she’s done,

My face too completely lights up.*

* Something about this poem was nagging me all day yesterday. At night, figured out what it was and changed it – the last line, from ‘I too completely wake up’ to the present one. The earlier wasn’t going with the theme I had built up, of the bride getting ready. This one, hopefully, works better. Those who liked the earlier one, feel free to unlike that – and like this version. 😉

Vivid morning sky

Many a Sky

How many colours do you find in the morning sky?

Five, a thousand, or a thousand and five?

Surly grey, deep indigo, benign blue, lush pink, warm red…

If I begin counting, I’ll be up all day, right up to bed.

So, I think, a better query would be –

In the morning sky, how many skies do you see?