A pink-hued morning sky

Bridal Sky

The pink blushes of the morning sky –

Like a bride doing her make-up,

And by the time she’s done,

My face too completely lights up.*

* Something about this poem was nagging me all day yesterday. At night, figured out what it was and changed it – the last line, from ‘I too completely wake up’ to the present one. The earlier wasn’t going with the theme I had built up, of the bride getting ready. This one, hopefully, works better. Those who liked the earlier one, feel free to unlike that – and like this version. 😉

Man meditating early morning


Before the last owl stops hooting,

And the first cuckoo starts chirping;

Before the last star ceases twinkling,

And the first ray begins breaking;

While most day workers are still slumbering,

And the call-centre ones returning;

I wake up to do my exercising,

Followed by a bit of meditating;

And thus end up like the sun – radiating,

And feeling, in the true sense, Good Morning.

Light filtering through tree at daybreak


The day breaks.

The koel responds with a melodious “Kooooo…”

The myna with the more modest “Ku-ku…”

The crow, secure from comparisons, pipes in with “Caw…”

The parrot takes off, then goes, shrilly, urgently, “Squawk…”

The human, sliding the snooze button, lets out “Ugh.”

Bird perched on branch in early morning

Go(o)d Morning

The birds chirping in the trees

Is God’s alarm clock ringing.

The rays breaking through and illuminating the clouds

Is God updating his screensaver for the day.

The fresh, clean air

Is God lighting his incense sticks.

The morning is here.

It’s as good as ever.