Night sky, with deep gray clouds and stars

Stars and Clouds

If humans become stars when we die, do animals become clouds?

Makes sense. Humans seem to have a need – or eons of conditioning – to shine, to appear bright, to stand out. Animals are soft and fluffy, inside and outside, and are happy with gently moving from one station in life to another. Clouds seem their perfect post-life entities.

But when clouds rain, does that mean animals are peeing on us? No, like in life, they are merely marking their territory. “Hooman, you are mine. Then, now, forever.”

Suddenly, you look forward to the rains.

B&W image of a man walking into a small tunnel, with light the other side

Make or Break

When people pass on, whether in old age or youth, by disease or accident, by chance or crime, they are broken in every way. Broken by life, broken in spirit, and if departing “before their time”, then broken seemingly by a cruel play of fate. Why then is dying called meeting the maker and not meeting the… breaker?

Top shot of autos and other vehicles going helter-skelter on an Indian road

On a Prayer and a Wing

In India, a pedestrian – I read somewhere – has to be a ninja. All alert, all the time. For speedsters can come from anywhere. The wrong side of the road. A one-way. The pavement. From the front and back… at the same time.

Forget ninja. I think, to survive on foot on Indian roads, you need to be very, very religious. You need to pray a lot at every crossing.

Or, you need to be a sparrow. Small. Nimble. Fleet-footed. Fleet-winged. Alert. Accompanied by even more alert wingmen. (I notice the pun only now.) This of course is only till the day Indian riders and drivers figure out a way to come from where no speedster has come before – the sky and below the ground. Then, sparrows are – this pun I see coming – sitting ducks. Just like the Indian pedestrian.

A glass pane in the shape of a heart lying shattered against a red background

Heartbreak High

If you live with many others, your heartbreak has to happen in silence.

If you live with no one, your heartbreak is met with silence.

How do you get heartbreak tears to stop?

Tear out the eyes?

Or tear out the heart?

Some heartbreaks should be measured on the Richter Scale.

A man rowing in a boat in a golden setting with mist rising

(Full)Filling Our Purpose

I read somewhere sometime back that our purpose on earth, our purpose in (this) life is the completion of the soul. So far, of all the statements of our purpose on earth I have come across, that resonates the most. Perhaps because it is about something I fascinate about the most, the soul.

So, that explains when someone passes away, I guess: they have managed the completion of their soul. What then of the folk who pass away early? Does that mean they managed the completion of their soul very fast? Maybe. And what of folk who pass away in old age, some even past 100? Does the completion of their soul take so long? If so, why? Do they do it… so slowly? Hmm, I guess it only means… they have very big souls to fill.