A TV grab of Narendra Modi pulling Mark Zuckerberg by the arm, apparently not to be obscured by the camera

‘X Meets Y’: Modi Meets Zuckerberg


Meets Zuckerberg,

Meets rolling camera from corner of eye,

Meets horrifying thought: ‘They can only see my eye’,

Meets angry thought: ‘How dare this guy’,

Meets Zuckerberg’s arm,

Meets firm pull,

Meets moving Zuckerberg (Sucker-berg!),

Meets camera,

Meets smile.

Miffed at Natty Nadella’s seeming insult, Mr Modi does not want to allow the camera to insult him a second time. And so, he takes matters into his own… hand. Check out his sleight of hand below.

TV grab of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, wiping his hands after meeting with Narendra Modi

‘X Meets Y’: Modi Meets Nadella


Meets Natty Nadella,

Meets Nattella’s hand,

Meets Nattella’s handshake,

Meets Nattella’s reaction of hands-wiping,

Meets horrifying feeling,

Meets horrifying thought:

‘Is my Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan’ (Clean India Mission)

not working for myself?’

Did Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, of Indian origin, actually wipe his hands after meeting Narendra Modi, because he thought they got soiled? Find out for yourself in the video below.

Indian PM, Narendra Modi, in the midst of another selfie, this time with Gulf leaders

‘X Meets Y’: Modi Meets World Leaders


Meets world leader 1,

Meets selfie,

Meets world leader 2,

Meets selfie,

Meets world leader n,

Meets selfie n,

Meets flak from public back home: ‘Less photo-op, more tough talk’’,

Meets advisors,

Meets decision: ‘Let’s announce the next nation-wide mission, Digital India’,

Meets public with announcement,

Meets short-term-memory public,

Meets pacified public,

Meets advisors for next round of world-leader meetings…

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