A set of divergent railway tracks

Partition Circa 2017

The work in one city,

The loved ones in another,

The life in one city,

The heart in the other,

The partition of the heart

Tears like none other.

A pic of the Nike Da Da Ding TVC, twisted to 'Just Da It'

Irfanvertising | Just Da It

Irfanvertising LogoI’m guessing,

Because the sporty male target audience is saturating,

Nike’s getting into female targeting –

They know women like spending,

And now they’re also getting

Into football, cricket and kick-boxing,

So, they’re featuring

Top women players in everything


And to make it more attracting,

They’re even pulling

In the Bollywood queen reigning,

So, everyone’s going –

‘Da da ding’

And hoping

The cash registers will be sounding –

‘Ta ta ting’.

Cover pic for this post, featuring silhouettes of the spires of various religious places of worship against an orange backdrop, with the text 'Verses? Versus' overlaid

Ire | Verse to Worse

Logo for Ire, the series on my blog for social commentaryThe Muslim fanatics will lynch me for not knowing the verses,

The Hindu, on just knowing my name,

In the end, even / especially non-religious me may be hacked to pieces,

Because in the end, all religions are the same.


Inspired by the Dhaka attacks, this is similar to another one I’d written sometime back, proving that things don’t seem to change much…