File photo of Xiang Xiang, the panda bred in captivity, being released in the wild


We hunt them, we poach them,

We take over their habitats too,

And when conservation becomes an issue,

We bring them to the zoo.

Goats for sale before Bakrid

Dead End

Here comes again that time of the year,

When herbivorous animals are bought, and tied, and fattened,

Little do they know, they have little cause for cheer,

And that this really is the beginning of their end.

This year, Bakrid, the “celebration” of goat (and other “domesticable” herbivorous animals) sacrifice falls on September 24.

Goat being held down before being sacrificed during Bakrid

The Veganer Rhymer

I just blogged about a vegan eatery, as is my norm,

Now, as is usual too, here’s the review in poetic form.

The vegan restaurant, Veganer,

Opens up in downtown Anna Nagar.

And last week, I was there,

To check out their fare.

And here’s what I found,

On my IrfindingVegan round.

The décor and food are all vegan, innovative, and nice,

Right from non-fine-bone-china plates to non-dairy curd rice.

The welcome drink, musk-melon/pineapple, is awesome too,

And won’t let you stop at one, or even two.

The price too is easy on the wallet,

Leaving the perfect after-taste on the palate.

At all this, my vegan heart grows fonder,

But soon, begins to ponder…

Will all this do to turn many a thayir-lapping Deepa or Deepan

Into an animal-conscious and non-dairy-slurping vegan?