A TV grab of Narendra Modi pulling Mark Zuckerberg by the arm, apparently not to be obscured by the camera

‘X Meets Y’: Modi Meets Zuckerberg


Meets Zuckerberg,

Meets rolling camera from corner of eye,

Meets horrifying thought: ‘They can only see my eye’,

Meets angry thought: ‘How dare this guy’,

Meets Zuckerberg’s arm,

Meets firm pull,

Meets moving Zuckerberg (Sucker-berg!),

Meets camera,

Meets smile.

Miffed at Natty Nadella’s seeming insult, Mr Modi does not want to allow the camera to insult him a second time. And so, he takes matters into his own… hand. Check out his sleight of hand below.

TV grab of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, wiping his hands after meeting with Narendra Modi

‘X Meets Y’: Modi Meets Nadella


Meets Natty Nadella,

Meets Nattella’s hand,

Meets Nattella’s handshake,

Meets Nattella’s reaction of hands-wiping,

Meets horrifying feeling,

Meets horrifying thought:

‘Is my Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan’ (Clean India Mission)

not working for myself?’

Did Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, of Indian origin, actually wipe his hands after meeting Narendra Modi, because he thought they got soiled? Find out for yourself in the video below.

Indian PM, Narendra Modi, in the midst of another selfie, this time with Gulf leaders

‘X Meets Y’: Modi Meets World Leaders


Meets world leader 1,

Meets selfie,

Meets world leader 2,

Meets selfie,

Meets world leader n,

Meets selfie n,

Meets flak from public back home: ‘Less photo-op, more tough talk’’,

Meets advisors,

Meets decision: ‘Let’s announce the next nation-wide mission, Digital India’,

Meets public with announcement,

Meets short-term-memory public,

Meets pacified public,

Meets advisors for next round of world-leader meetings…

Check out this Huffington Post post on Narendra Modi’s “selfie diplomacy”: Modi’s Surprisingly Successful Selfie Diplomacy

Composite silhouette image of a boy with a dog's nose near his hand

‘X Meets Y’: Boy Meets Dog


Meets dog,

Meets “Psst”,

Meets dog’s attention,

Meets dog’s nose with hand,

Meets eager sniffing,

Meets tail-wagging,

Meets hand-licking,

Meets face-smothering,

Meets eager jumping,

Meets dog regularly – with food, water, love,

Meets surrounding observant dogs,

Meets overjoyed dogs daily,

Meets attention of co-residents,

Meets frowns,

Meets concerns of safety,

Meets gathered co-residents one day,

Meets with strong statements,

Meets courage to say, “You can’t stop me”,

Meets anger, protest, threats,

Yet meets dogs daily,

And meets scorn daily;

Then, doesn’t meet dogs one day, then two days, then a week,

Meets concern,

Meets furious search,

Then, meets one carcass, then two, then seven,

Meets horror, despair, agony,

Meets vet,

Meets analysis,

Meets report,

Meets report with horror, despair, agony: ‘Poisoning’,

Meets pleased co-residents,

Meets apartment broker…

A boy-meets-boy toilet sign

‘X Meets Y’: Boy Meets Boy


Meets boy,

Meets attraction,

Meets action,

Meets infatuation,

Meets second time,

Meets third time,

Meets liking,

Meets crush,

Meets dating,

Meets love,

Meets relationship,

Meets idea of meeting family,

Meets parents,

Meets with shock, disgust, anger,

Meets thrashing,

Meets threats,

Meets crying pleas of mother,

Meets disowning cries by father,

Meets counsellor,

Meets psychologist,

Meets psychiatrist,

Meets medicines,

Meets godman,

Meets magical medicines,

Meets forced straight alliance,

Meets forced straight marriage,

Meets frustration, anguish, depression,

Meets suicide,

Meets frustration, anguish, depression –

By parents, girl, ex.

The second in the ‘X Meets Y’ series, aka ‘Salty Tales’/’Salty Series’. (Here’s the first: Boy Meets Girl.) And yes, I don’t intend them to end well.

A boy-meets-girl toilet sign

‘X Meets Y’: Boy Meets Girl


Meets girl,

Meets head-rush,

Meets crush,

Meets up,

Meets up again,

Meets dating,

Meets love-making,

Meets love,

Meets steady,

Meets relationship,

Meets diamond,

Meets ‘Yes’,

Meets getaway celebration,

Meets ex accidentally on the way,

Meets with ‘Congrats’,

Meets Yes’s jealousy,

Meets suspicion,

Meets effed-up getaway celebration,

Meets cold shoulder,

Meets frozen looks,

Meets icy behaviour,

Meets show-down,

Meets rage-storm,

Meets storm-out,

Meets curt call,

Meets break-up,

Meets misery,

Meets frustration,

Meets bar,

Meets drink,

Meets new girl…

This started off in my head as one post – this one – but gradually evolved to the thought of a series, the popular trope of ‘X meets Y’. Started fooling around with it, and the results will follow. This can be any ‘X’ meets any ‘Y’, and maybe topical, though I think always with some “salt” in the ending; think these would work better that way. (And so have categorised under… ‘Salty Tales’/‘Salty Series’.) Await them. And feel free to form some of your own…